Product Code: 140400
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$987.97 MSF CTN
Length:  144 in
Width:  64 in
Thickness:  0.625 in
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  • GC Fissuredā„¢ Basic Acoustical Ceiling Panels offer a low-emitting panel at an affordable cost.
  • Low-emitting product meets CA Specification 01350, California Department of Health Services Standard Practice for the testing of VOC emissions.
  • Item no. 562 2' X 44' 5/8" Square Edge.
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): .55.
  • Ceiling Attentuation Class (CAC): 33-35.
  • Light Reflectance (LR): .81
  • Optional FirecodeĀ® product designed to meet life-safety codes.
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